Cell Phone Choice

Please fill out the information below and select your choice of replacement phones. Here is a description of the options:

  1. Droid 2 Global - Droid 2 Global has a QWERTY keyboard and has excellent compatibility with Gmail and Google Apps.
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  2. Droid X - Droid X is a touch screen phone with the same Gmail and Google Apps compatibility as the Droid 2. It does not have a keyboard.
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  3. iPhone - iPhone can use the Aeries Mobile App and is better suited for site admins who need/use Aeries Mobile. Integration with Gmail and contacts are somewhat limited compared to either of the Droid phones. Calendars sync well however. Note: The district will only purchase the iPhone 4 with 16 gigs of memory. This is a 3G phone.
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  4. I'll keep what I have for now. The Blackberry app for Gmail is limited compared to the other smart phone apps.